Getting Your Foot in the Door




Sometimes it takes a lot of knocking to get your foot in the door.

Getting a job isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be but when the right opportunity does come around, you will appreciate it a lot more. At least I have found this to be the case. Sitting back and waiting for a job to come to you will not work. You’ve got to go start knocking!

When you have some sort of career path in mind be proactive and try and get into that field. Rather than applying for every job on Monster, do some research about companies you might be interested in. Take some time to see what will make you an asset to the company and how they fit into your career plan.

My suggestion is to always keep an open mind because you might be surprised how your interests grow over the years. Having tunnel vision can be a great quality but when looking for a job, even if you know what industry you want to be in, you might be surprised how your interests grow by trying something new. Having an open mind also leads to more options career-wise.

Personally, I knew that I wanted to work in the communications industry but wasn’t sure what niche would be the best fit for me. I thought maybe entertainment because that has always been an interest but I found throughout my internships and jobs that I have many more interests. Due to my current internship that deals with mobile media, I am a big fan of technology, some that I didn’t even know existed.

Don’t be scared to experiment because someone will see your potential and open that door for you. Maybe a different one than you were expecting.


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