About Me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Marilyn Lintel and I am a growing PR pro. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and currently live in the Buckhead area.

I attended Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!) and graduated in 2010. Shortly after graduating I moved to California in August 2010 to pursue my dream of working in the entertainment industry. Growing up I thought I was born to be a movie star, however after realizing that may not be the most realistic dream for me, I decided that taking a different route that could still allow me to live my dreams.

While living on the Golden Coast I thought the best thing to do was dabble in a few different things. I knew that the entertainment industry was a field I was interested in, so why not see what it is like?

I was an intern at the Screen Actors Guild Foundation in Los Angeles (http://www.sagfoundation.org/) and it was an amazing experience. I did a lot of work for the New York chapter such as looking a New York venues where they could hold Q&A sessions with prominent actors, directors and other significant people in the industry. In Los Angeles I helped them research ways to make the website for the Celebrity Golf Tournament unique and captivating as well as looking over transcripts from interviews that they held at their Q&A sessions and pick out some of the best quotes to display on the website.

I was also interested in the entertainment industry behind the scenes. Acting was something I have always been interested to in so I jumped right into it. I signed up with an agency to do background work and see what working with TV was really like. It was great to work on some of my favorite shows like Desperate Housewives, CSI Miami, and 90210. It was so neat to work along some of the best actors and I was surprised to see how long it took to film just one shot. The first day I was an extra was on 90210 and it took 14 hours to film a five minute segment in the episode. Very exhausting!

Prior to heading out to Hollywood, I interned at Abshire PR & Marketing in Savannah, GA and got my first taste of what real PR was like. Of course I learned about it in school but it’s very different to get the hand-on experience. I focused a lot on writing press releases and putting press clips in presentations for the clients.

My most recent and first real PR job was at a PR agency in Atlanta/Decatur, GA. I experienced so many sides of public relations. I wrote press releases, pitches, made media lists, developed close media contacts, worked closely with a variety of clients in many different industries, and so much more.

In just a few years I have gained so much experience and look forward to applying it in the future and learning so much more.

I love living in Atlanta, enjoying my friends and activities and am looking forward to the future in following my dreams. To me, dreams are one of the most important part of an individual’s life. I intend on following mine however much they change over the years.

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah


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