Social Media: How to Make a Difference

Social Media: How to Make a Difference

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

If you could make a change in the world, what would it be? Maybe you would like to see world peace or stop world hunger. Maybe you would like to start smaller and raise money for a local shelter or get the community more involved in “going green.” Regardless of the change you want to see, you can make it happen! Everyone can make a difference in the world, whether it is big or small.

Social Media has given the world so much more than a simple status update. Those updates can be anything from what you are doing on the weekend to learning that life on another planet has just been found. In today’s world, WE make the news and WE can make a difference.

Through Facebook, you can let friends and family know about events in the community and learn how to become more involved, join groups that you are interested in, and watch videos to fill you in. Through Twitter, you can let your followers know about important issues in a short Tweet. Through blogs, you can bring more awareness to the world about the news and your stance on various topics. These are just some of the social media outlets that can be used to make your voice known.

My Experience: In the Spring of 2011 I saw a post on Twitter from a celebrity that I was following for Arm The Animals. I have always been a very strong animals rights advocate so I decided to check out the organization. Arm The Animals is a company that designs t-shirts to generate awareness and raise funds for struggling animals. I thought that if I could buy a t-shirt and a percentage would help animals shelters then ABSOLUTELY! After purchasing the t-shirt and posting about Arm The Animals on Twitter and Facebook, one of the founders reached out to me. He asked if I would tell my friends about the company and let them know about the cause. I was so excited to be able to spread the word and make a statement for something that I believe in. Since then, I have continued to let people know that they can support a great cause by wearing a cool t-shirt. Although I probably didn’t change the world, I know that I am a small part in spreading awareness for a very important issue. All animals deserve to be treated well and have a loving home and I will continue to support Arm The Animals and be involved in way to help animals.


So there you have it; everyone can make a change, big or small. Make the most you can out of the Social Media that is accessible to you. Today the sky is the limit and you can be the change you want to be in the world. Go out there and tell people what you think!

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A Little Entertainment PR In Hollywood

Entertainment PR in Hollywood

Hollywood & Entertainment

What is it really like in the entertainment industry?  A question that has endless answers depending on what field you are working in.  It goes without saying that PR has many different fields in communication and is going to be different depending on the business you want to work in.  I have always been interested in the entertainment industry and wonder what a day in the life of a publicist is like.  Or maybe someone who does PR for major film companies or TV networks.

In an article that I read, it sounds like being a Hollywood publicist involves making a lot of connections.  That really doesn’t sound so bad, especially when you are helping someones career.  In order to promote clients and make them more known to the public it is important to build strong relationships with people in the media (magazines, TV, radio, etc).

With Young Hollywood talent emerging everyday, they need to make their presence known; for their career as well as public awareness  If you think about it, we may see these young people in movies but learn much more about who they are when their personal lives are displayed in magazine and television interviews.  PR helps us relate to them.

Jennifer Lawrence in Glamour 2012


Another job with publicists is to keep celebrities that have been around for a while in the spotlight.  This may seem easy, but think about all of the competition today with celebrities and who is on top.  They, as well as new talent, need to be in the media because as much as some of us may hate to admit it, we like to know whats going on with the rich and the famous.

Jennifer Aniston in InStlye 2012


Public relations may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to someone in the spotlight. Although publicists may appear to be behind the scenes, they are a huge influence on careers and reputations.

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Does Public Relations Make the List?

Making the “Top Ten” Again and Again

Describing public relations isn’t easy and maybe even impossible. There are so many different aspects to the job. No PR  company is the same and the tasks vary day to day, regardless of what industry you are working in.

While looking through America’s most stressful jobs going into 2012 certain careers are expected to make the list and rightfully so. Police officers, firefighters and even taxi drivers (which had not crossed my mind but makes perfect sense).  Although public relations can be very stressful, in both good and bad ways, I was surprised to see it on the list. PR also made the list of the 15 Careers that Need Coffee the Most; no surprise there. If you’re not into coffee, green tea might be your best bet.

On a lighter note, PR can be really fun and the day always provides a new adventure. While it makes the most stressful list, it also makes the list for fun careers. There are so many directions that you can go with PR. Entertainment, corporate, sports, food, lifestyle, ANYTHING! You can take a passion and turn it into a career and explore until you find the right fit. PR is such a people-person career (at least most of the time) and if you love working with people, that’s the way to do it.

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